Migration 3.1


milk chocolate, citrus, peach tea

washed process


  • Aromatics: floral, caramel
  • Acidity: citrus
  • Sweetness: honey
  • Producer: Various
  • Altitude: varied
  • Varieties: mixed

is back-ordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

As new crop coffees from Ethiopia begin to arrive in greater numbers here in the US, we start to see some of the first naturally processed lots from the birthplace of coffee. Demisse, is one of the better naturals we've ever seen this early in the season and so it makes a lot of sense to include some in our second version of Migration for the year - Migration 3.1!

3.1 is a blend of 75% Duromina and 25% Demisse. You get all the floral, orange and peach notes from the Duromina up front, while darker fruit notes like bing cherry and berries from the Demisse play nicely in the background. The result is a wonderfully complex and dynamic cold brew, sure to get these warmer Spring days off to a fantastic start.

Not into cold brew? No worries, Migration also works great for a brighter espresso and drip as well!