Sidama, Ethiopia

lavender, key lime, tangerine, honey

washed process


  • Aromatics: floral, lavender
  • Acidity: citric, juicy
  • Sweetness: honeyed
  • Producer: various small plot producers
  • Altitude: 6561 - 7545 ft
  • Varieties: Ethiopia landraces

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Early fall seems to be when most washed process coffees from Ethiopia really begin to shine, and it is certainly the case for this gem, Harbegona. At altitudes as high as 7500 ft, small plot producers from the district of Harbegona in the Sidama Zone bring their harvests to the Tedesse Wonka washing station, where the seeds are carefully wash processed and dried on raised African beds. 

The results picking ripe fruit, nose bleed altitude, careful processing and landrace varieties are nothing short of spectacular!  We are smelling a range of floral and fruit flavors from jasmine and lavender, to tangerine and lime. Wrap all this goodness around a honeyed sweetness and layered mouthfeel and you've got a prime example of all that is beautiful about coffees from this prized region.  We'd recommend just about any brew method for Harbegona from pour-over to cold brew to espresso - no matter how you brew it, it is going to be delish.