José Hernández

Antigua, Guatemala

mixed berries, chocolate, peach jolly rancher

honey process


  • Aromatics: berry compote
  • Acidity: juicy
  • Sweetness: candy
  • Producer: José Hernández
  • Altitude: 4757 - 5085 ft
  • Varieties: bourbon

is back-ordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Last year we shared our first lot from José Hernández and his family farm Santa Isabel, tucked in the hillsides surrounding the beautiful and historically rich city of Antigua, Guatemala. As with last year, this lot is a selection from the prized bourbon variety and has been honey processed. The honey process involves stripping the skin off of the freshly picked coffee cherry, but leaving most of the fruit on the seed while drying.

Let's just say José and crew hit it out of the park with this year's lot! The fragrance is intensely sweet like warm mixed berry syrup. In the cup, you'll find berries as well, with a rich chocolatey mid-tone and a lovely peach candy sweetness.  Yes you will find loads of fruit, but the chocolate and lively acidity make this a very balanced, very complete cup. Y'all better grab a bag before its gone.