Nyeri, Kenya

plum, pomelo, brown sugar

washed process


  • Aromatics: plum, orange
  • Acidity: citric
  • Sweetness: brown sugar
  • Producer: various
  • Altitude: 5249 ft
  • Varieties: SL28, SL34

is back-ordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The first new crop coffees from Kenya's main harvest are just starting to arrive in the US, and we are delighted to offer not one, but two stunners from the prized growing region of Nyeri! 

This particular selection comes from the Ndimaini washing station (or factory), near the town of Karatina, nestled at the base of Mount Kenya. If you like a classic Kenya profile, with dark fruits, bright citrus acidity, heavy mouthfeel, and loads of sweetness, then the Ndimaini will not disappoint.  Fresh off the grind, give a good long smell and you'll find a candy sweet fragrance. In the cup, we've been tasting fruits like plum, and cherry complimenting a lively pomelo-like acidity and a brown sugar sweetness. Thus begins a promising season for our offerings from Kenya - let the yum fest begin!