Teodoro Engelhardt

Sierra de las Minas, Guatemala

honeysuckle, brownie batter, nectarine

washed process


  • Aromatics: floral, sweet
  • Acidity: malic
  • Sweetness: toffee
  • Producer: Teodoro Engelhardt
  • Altitude: 5183
  • Varieties: pacamara

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Teodoro Engelhardt grows a wonderful assortment of varieties on his farm La Bella, high in the hills of the Sierra de las Minas region of Guatemala. This particular lot happens to be 100% Pacamara, and if you have any doubt, just look at the beans (seeds) - they are HUGE! Pacamara is an arabica hybrid between Pacas and Maragogipe, first created in El Salvador in the 1950's at the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research. Pacamara gets its size from the Maragogipe side and when grown in the right conditions and processed carefully, can produce a very lovely coffee. This particular lot is intensely floral and sweet in fragrance, with wonderfully delicate nectarine and honeysuckle notes in the cup. Add to this a heavier, buttery mouthfeel and you're into a very pleasant cup of coffee. Well done Teodoro!