Illustration of an aeropress


Brew Guide

The Aeropress is a great travel brewer. It is relatively inexpensive and nearly indestructible – great for road trips or camping. We like using a slightly coarser grind, longer steep times, and gently pressing to avoid sediment passing into the cup for better flavor clarity.


  1. Place the paper filter in the cap and rinse with hot water to eliminate any paper taste.
  2. Twist on the cap and add 16g of freshly ground coffee to the brewer. The grind should be on the finer side of drip coffee.
  3. Set your mug on the scale, place the brewer on top of you mug and zero the scale.
  4. Start your timer and add 35g of water just off the boil to saturate all the grounds and form the bloom.
  5. Wait 25 seconds – this is a great time to smell the bloom!
  6. Gently and slowly add another 230g in the space of 30-40 more seconds (the coffee will slowly be dripping in to mug during this time), then carefully insert the plunger into the brewer far enough so the plunger will not tip out. Wait another 30 seconds, then carefully remove the mug and Aeropress off of the scale.
  7. At approximately 1:45 seconds, gently begin to press the plunger down for 40 seconds until you hear a “hissing” sound then stop (don’t squeeze the coffee bed dry). Your total brew time should be about 2:30.