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Meet the Producer:

Guadalupe Herrera

2022 marks the third year we've contracted to purchase coffee from Guadalupe's farm, Guadajey, in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Guadajey, the name of Guadalupe’s farm, is affectionately derived from a combination of the names of her family members. Though she has help from family members, no doubt Guadalupe is in charge, and is dedicated to the success of her farm. She has recently been working on many improvements including her own wet mill, building more raised beds, and fixing up the road that leads to the farm for safer travel.

When we first tasted Guadalupe’s coffee, we were struck by the distinct peach flavor which was prominent in the cup. Although there were a number of other samples from Nicaragua on the table, this peach note plus the sweetness of her coffee really stood out, and we were excited about the opportunity to begin a buying relationship with her.

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