Guji, Ethiopia

lavender, fruit punch, blackberry



  • Aromatics: perfume, tropical
  • Acidity: winey, crisp
  • Sweetness: sugar cane
  • Producer: small lot producers
  • Altitude: 6233-7545 ft
  • Varieties: heirloom

is back-ordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

When we offer naturals here at Sweet Bloom, we look for really clean profiles with minimal quakers (a seed that is pale brown when roasted because it was picked before being fully ripe).  So we are very grateful to Kedir Hassan, owner of the Hambela washing station, and the growers he works closely with, for this extraordinarily clean, and incredibly tasty naturally processed lot! The aromatics are complex with perfume and tropical fruits, and you can expect a cornucopia of fruit flavors from mixed berries to tropicals, all wrapped up in a sweet, fuller bodied cup. Delicious and not around long, so order up!