Arnaud Causse

Pichincha, Ecuador

honey, orange blossom, red grape



  • Aromatics: honey and flowers
  • Acidity: citric, malic
  • Sweetness: sugarcane
  • Producer: Arnaud Causse
  • Altitude: 5900 - 6890 ft
  • Varieties: typica, caturra

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Arnaud Causse has garnered some serious street cred in specialty coffee with his unique cultivars planted on his farm Las Tolas. One of his more recent projects involves a lot called Terrazas del Pisque, positioned at a whopping 5900 - 6890 ft above sea level. With high altitude, careful agricultural practices and meticulous processing, the results are stunning! We're thrilled to be able to offer this selection to you. Honey and flowers are found in the fragrance and florals persists in the cup, accompanying crisp red grape and a sugar cane sweetness. Delicate, delightful, and a wonderful coffee to welcome in the warmer months of spring.