Augusto Castillo

Huehuetenango, Guatemala

cola, dried fig, plum

washed process


  • Aromatics: cola
  • Acidity: citric, malic
  • Sweetness: brown sugar
  • Producer: Augusto Castillo
  • Altitude: 6233
  • Varieties: Bourbon & Typica

is back-ordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Augusto Castillo and his father Ronaldo, are carrying on the legacy their grandfather, Oscar, started when he founded La Colomba y Annexos in 1958. We had the privilege of visiting La Colomba earlier this spring and were humbled by the hospitality - and delighted by the quality of coffee the Castillos are producing! This particular lot comes from the annex farm, Miracerros, where coffee is grown at a whopping elevation of 6233 feet above sea level. Cooler nights, slower maturation, and careful processing lead to a very sweet, complex coffee! Relatively speaking, we bought a lot of coffee from the Castillos and this beautiful lot will be around for awhile. And we look forward to continuing this relationship - so get comfortable with this coffee, and enjoy a lovely cup full of dried figs, plums and brown sugary sweetness.