Gesha Village - Lot 82

Bench Maji, Ethiopia

strawberry jam, mango, meyer lemon

gesha cultivar - natural process


  • Aromatics: strawberry, floral
  • Acidity: tropical
  • Sweetness: jam
  • Producer: Adam Overton & Rachel Samuels
  • Altitude: 6335-6692 ft
  • Varieties: Gesha 1931

is back-ordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Earlier this spring we had the privilege of visiting Adam Overton and Rachel Samuels at their Gesha Village Lab in Addis Ababa. Part of the reason for our trip was to find a competition lot for the US Brewers Cup, part was to build relationships and find for you some of the best coffees Gesha Village (and the world) has to offer. You may remember lot 86 which we released earlier this spring - truly extraordinary coffee, which even received Roast Rating's first ever perfect score.

Lot 82 is the other coffee that blew our minds on the cupping table. The aromatics are like popping the lid off a new jar of strawberry jam while picnicking under jasmine vines.  And the flavor notes run the range of tropical fruits from juicy mango to sweet meyer lemon. Not to get all mushy on you or anything, but if you really want to impress on that first date, or 25th wedding anniversary, or you just want to treat yourself to something special, a box of this little gem will do wonders.

 For more info on Gesha Village, visit here