Antigua, Guatemala

brown sugar, marzipan, fuji apple

washed process


  • Aromatics: melting brown sugar
  • Acidity: malic
  • Sweetness: brown sugar
  • Producer: Maria Zelaya
  • Altitude: 6000 ft
  • Varieties: typica & bourbon

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Pulcal is an old estate owned by Maria Zelaya, overlooking the beautiful city of Antigua. For over 100 years coffee has been exported from this farm! Three generations of experience combined with an altitude of 6000 feet, the varieties bourbon and typica, plus careful processing and you have the makings of a wonderfully complete cup of coffee. You'll find a warm brown sugar fragrance while flavors of marzipan and apple compliment a buttery mouthfeel in the cup. As the cooler end-of-summer mornings set in, you'd do well to sneak out on the patio and snuggle up to a mug of Pulcal.