Illustration of a chemex

The 6-8 Cup Chemex

Brew Guide

We love the elegance of this “6-8 cup” manual brewer and find it produces a consistently fantastic brew for you and a couple of friends. You can brew larger amounts, but will need a really big kettle.


  1. Place the Chemex filter in the brewer with the thick side of the filter towards spout. Rinse the filter to eliminate any paper taste, then pour out the rinse water and seat filter fully down in the Chemex..
  2. Set the Chemex on your scale and zero. Add 50g of freshly ground coffee (grind should be medium to slightly coarse) and zero your scale (ratio is 1:17 – 50g coffee to 850g water).
  3. Gently pour 100g of water, just off the boil, onto the coffee bed to form the bloom. Wait 30 seconds – this is a great time to smell the bloom! At 30 seconds, gently pour another 75g into the center of the coffee bed, which will slightly raise the surface of the bloom.
  4. Continue a series of nine more 75g pours every 15 seconds in the center of the coffee bed, maintaining the level of the second bloom for the rest of the brew. A very gentle pour allows gravity to be the force of the extraction, pulling the water evenly through the entire coffee bed
  5. With the last 75g pour to your final weight of 850g, (the time should be ~2:30 seconds), sink any remaining crust from bloom, and gently swirl.
  6. Draw down should take about 30-45 seconds for a total brew time of ~3:15 minutes, total pours = 11.