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Here are our favorite pour over brewers with recipes that will deliver a tasty cup every time. We recommend the Kalita Wave for brewing 1 – 2 cups at home, the Aeropress for travel, and the 6-8 cup Chemex when brewing for friends and family.

Illustration of a kalita wave atop a Sweet Bloom mug

The Kalita Wave 185 Ceramic

We use the Kalita Wave 185 Ceramic brewer in our cafes for a great consistent cup. You can try the following method and bring the Sweet Bloom Cafe to your home.

Our recipe for the Kalita
Illustration of an aeropress


The Aeropress is a great travel brewer. It is relatively inexpensive and nearly indestructible. Use it to get a pretty good cup of coffee on the fly, possibly camping, traveling, or your scale just ran out of power!

Our recipe for the Aeropress
Illustration of a chemex

The 6-8 Cup Chemex

We love the elegance of this 6-8 cup manual brewer and find it produces consistently fantastic cups of coffee for you and or a couple of friends.

Our recipe for the Chemex

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