Illustration of a kalita wave atop a Sweet Bloom mug

Kalita Wave

Brew Guide

We love using the Kalita Wave 185 Ceramic brewers in our cafes for a great consistent cup. Try this method and bring the Sweet Bloom Cafe to your home.

pouring water into a kalita

The Kalita Wave 185 Ceramic

  1. Rinse the Kalita filter to eliminate any paper taste – pour out the rinse water.
  2. Add 18g of freshly ground coffee (the grind size should be the consistency of table salt), then zero your scale.
  3. Gently pour 50g of water just off the boil onto the coffee bed to form the bloom, ensuring full saturation. Be careful to not pour down the edges of the filter.
  4. Wait 20 seconds – a great time to smell the bloom!
  5. At 20 seconds, begin a series of nine – 25g pulse pours every 10 seconds in the center of coffee bed. A second bloom will slowly rise to peak, then flatten around 50 seconds and 125g.
  6. With subsequent 25g pours, try to maintain the top layer of coffee bed as long as possible, allowing the bed to gently rise and fall until 275g. These gentle pours allow gravity to be the force of the extraction, pulling water evenly through the entire coffee bed.
  7. Finish pouring with a 30g pour ~1:50 seconds, sinking any remaining crust from the bloom, and then gently swirl the brewer. Draw down should take 20-30 seconds. The total brew weight should be 305g (1:17 ratio) and the finish brew time about 2:30.