Our Legacy Vision

“We will source and roast mind-blowing coffees that the top cafes in North America and around the globe would want to serve. The heart of our business will always involve making deeper connections between producers and consumers”

– Andy Sprenger

people gathered in a coffee shop

Our Values

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Generous Hospitality

Hospitality is the embodiment of Generosity. It’s the act of sharing what we love with others with an open heart and a willingness to enrich their lives.


Embracing creativity spurs innovation. We think deeply about what we are doing, how we do it, and strive to break free from the norms that can hold us back.

Rwandan people getting fresh water from a community faucet


Excellence is our guiding principle to ensure how we care for the world, our coffee, and our community is always done with the utmost integrity and respect.

Part of how we live that out is by giving 1% of our sales revenue back to the communities where we live, work, source coffee.

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Augusto Castillo and father


Collaboration is the thread that weaves together every part of our business – from those who grow our beautiful coffees to those who drink them. Through collaboration we strive to honor the hard work of everyone involved to create a stronger, more valued coffee community.