illustration of an Origami air brewer on a coffee cup

Origami Air S

Brew Guide

Here at Sweet Bloom we are always looking for ways to do things better. Recently we’ve been evaluating brewers. After a ton of blind tasting, we’ve moved to using the Origami Air S in our cafes for a consistent beautiful cup. Try this method and bring the Sweet Bloom Cafe to your home.

brewing with an origami air s dripper


  1. Rinse the Origami filter to eliminate any paper taste. With the Origami Air you can use either a flat bottom or a cone shaped filter. To rinse, use about 125-150g of hot water. After it has drained, pour out the rinse water.
  2. Weigh out 18g* of coffee, and grind it – the grind size should be medium coarse, about the consistency of granulated sugar
  3. Pour it into the rinsed filter, make sure you have the correct weight, and then zero your scale.
  4. Gently pour 75g of water just off the boil in a spiral pattern, from in to out, making sure to wet all the grounds. This pour should take about 7 seconds.
  5. Let it bloom for 20 seconds
  6. At 20 seconds, heavy pour straight down the center to 150g. This pour should take about 10 seconds.
  7. At 40 seconds, spiral pour from in to out up to 225g. This pour should take about 10 seconds.
  8. At 1:05 seconds, spiral pour to your final weight of 305g. Again, this pour should take about 10 seconds to complete.
  9. Your brew should finish draining between 2:00 – 2:20
  10. Taste! If your coffee seems thin and sour – grind finer next time. If your coffee tastes bitter and dry – grind coarser.

*We dial in each of our coffees for our cafes and then share that information under “Recommended Preparation” on the product pages for each coffee.

This dripper and filters are available in our cafes or online from our friends at Slow Pour!

Origami Air S at Slow Pour