Sweet Bloom Lab

Sweet Bloom Lab


These modules are designed for engaging with the public, no prior experience needed. Learn basic concepts of home brewing, espresso, and learn the seed to cup process.


Tasting: Join us in tasting all our coffee offerings side by side via traditional coffee cupping.


Public Education Lecture: 2 Hours: Join in the extraordinary journey coffee takes from the farm, to everything that happens in-between, before being served that beautiful cup of coffee. 



Public Hands-on Education: 3 hours: Explore the variables of coffee brewing and turn them into constants for a perfect cup at home.




Public Hands-on Education: 3 hours: Learn to dial-in your home espresso and steam milk to cafe quality. Explore the variables of making espresso beverages at home and how to maintain your equipment for tastier drinks.



These modules are designed to engage with people dedicated to becoming professionals within the coffee industry. Solidifying core concepts and hands on experience to help you move along with in the industry.

Foundation Espresso



Foundation Espresso & Milk: This module introduces proper procedures for extracting and texturizing milk for cafe beverages. Introducing foundation concepts in grinding, dosing, distributing, tamping, and extraction of espresso. Introducing foundation concepts of milk steaming, texturizing, and pouring basic latte art design. Hands on practice with drink building and starting concepts of bar flow and basic machine maintenance. 

Activities: Procedures for tasting and extracting espresso, steaming & texturizing milk, pouring espresso based beverages, cleaning/maintenance of machines.

Time Frame: 3 hours



Foundation Brewing: This module introduces the key variables of brewing (Ratio, Grind, Brew Device, Technique, Water, Filter Medium) and focuses on beginning concepts of what extraction and strength is within a brewed cup of coffee. Utilizing the SCA Optimum Brew Chart you’ll have a basic understanding of three variables that impact extraction, strength, and quality in a cup of coffee and turn variables into constants. (ratio, grind, technique)

Activities: Ratio Tasting; Grind Tasting; Technique Tasting

Hands on time with multiple brewing devices using the Optimum Brew Chart

Time Frame: 3 hours




Foundation Cupping: Cupping is the specialty coffee industry’s standard for evaluating green and roasted coffee. Using proper cupping protocol and exploring two flights of coffee, students are introduced to practice the cupping protocol, and focus on basic vocabulary from the Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel for objective, professional coffee quality evaluation. Learn how to evaluate each coffee to the SCA Cupping form and the beginning concepts of scoring and evaluating different coffees.

Activities: Introduction to the SCA Cupping Form, 2 flights of 3 coffees utilizing a simplified version of the SCA Cupping form.

Time Frame: 3 hours