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Meet the Producer:

Mario Alarcon

Mario Alarcon’s farm is stunningly beautiful. Volcanoes Fuego and Acatenango set a majestic and somewhat menacing backdrop to the immaculately manicured drying beds which sit just below the farmhouse. Surrounding the drying beds are hillsides full of coffee shrubs nestled amongst a canopy of shade trees.

With all this beauty, it is not hard to imagine Mario’s coffee would be equally beautiful. And it is. Next to the drying patios, Mario has built a special parabolic and climate controlled drying house with raised beds. This drying house is where Mario and his team dry their finest lots, including Mario’s crown jewel, his naturally processed gesha.

Mario’s gesha lots are stunning. The aromatics fresh off the grind often remind us of the sweet smell of bubble gum. The tasting notes range from floral, to tropical to berries and wine. With this profile, it is no surprise that the lot we submitted for the 2020 Good Food Awards was a winning submission.

Apart from Mario’s delicious coffee, he has also started an exporting business with his partner Christian Valdez. We’ve had the privilege of visiting their lab in Guatemala City and have purchased lots from their producer partners including Jose Hernandez in Antigua.

It is an honor to work with people like Mario, and we tip our hats to the hard work and dedication Mario has towards constantly pushing the envelope for better and better coffee quality in Guatemala.

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