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Meet the Producer:

Pablo Guerrero

A Colombian Cup of Excellence Champion

We began buying various lots from Pablo Guerrero’s farm, El Obraje, in 2018, and believed his lots of gesha, both washed and natural, to be one of Colombia’s best kept secrets in the world of coffee. This all began to change in 2020, when Pablo submitted a naturally processed gesha to Colombian Cup of Excellence competition and ended up taking 8th place! The following year in 2021, Pablo submitted a washed gesha lot which won 1st place – an astonishing feat, but to our minds and taste buds, no big surprise!

Pablo started planting gesha in 2011 and now has ~9000 trees planted on his farm. Although he continues to sell his prized gesha lots individually, in recent harvests he has also begun to blend his gesha with other varieties grown on the farm, with spectacular results. Keep an eye out as we begin to purchase these special lots as well.

Interestingly, El Obraje has been in the Guerrero family for decades and was originally farmed for grains and fruit trees. It was Pablo’s idea to start planting coffee in 2000, despite this being an area where coffee was traditionally not grown. It’s obvious Pablo has learned a thing or two about coffee along the way, and applied his background in architecture to an exacting approach to coffee farming. The results? A world renowned coffee farm that we have the privilege to buy from, and share with you.

Though we have yet to visit Pablo, and he has yet to visit us, we hope this all changes in 2022. Stay tuned!

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