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Meet the Producer:

Rigoberto Herrera

Back in 2012, Andy used a washed gesha selection from one of Rigoberto's farms, Cerro Azul, to take 2nd place in the World Brewer's Cup competition.

The following year he used a similar lot from Cerro Azul to win the US Aeropress Championship. It is no surprise that Rigo’s coffees are near and dear to the heart of Sweet Bloom. Special selections from Rigo’s farms have subsequently been used in competition by baristas around the world with great success.

Rigo and his team have been pushing the boundaries of coffee growing and production for over a decade now and you can find rare varieties such as Sudan Rume, Mokka, Pacamara and Laurina gracing the hillsides of his farms, collectively known as Cafe Granja la Esperanza. But in our minds (and taste buds), the crown jewel of all that Rigo grows, remains the gesha from Cerro Azul.

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