Winter Bloom

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fig jam, toblerone, toffee this coffee.

Winter Bloom is back – just in time for you, your friends, and family to enjoy during this holiday season. Our goal with Winter Bloom is to create a blend that can be enjoyed by everyone. What this means to us is a coffee that is chocolatey and fuller bodied, with deep sweetness and tasting notes that hint towards darker fruits and holiday sweets.

This season’s Winter Bloom is a 50/50 blend of Augusto Castillo (Guatemala) and Macario Garcia (Mexico).  We had a lot of coffees to choose from this year in consideration of the blend, but these two coffees played so nicely with each other at equal parts, it made our decision easy. The chocolate and praline sweetness from Augusto’s coffee blended with the darker fruit notes from Macario’s coffee combine to create notes of fig jam, toblerone, and a toffee sweet finish. This blend is also special to us as these two producers have become some of our more meaningful, long standing relationships.

We wish you all a very special holiday season as you gather with family and friends, and hope that Winter Bloom in your cups will make life just that much more sweet.

fig jam, toblerone, toffee
washed process
chocolate, dark fruit
Augusto Castillo & Macario Garcia
bourbon, typica, caturra

Recommended Preparation

In: 18g
Out: 37-39g
Time: 25-27s
1:17 ratio
In: 18g
H2O: 305g
TDS: 1.30

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Photo of Augusto Castillo

Meet Augusto

A legacy of stewardship

The Castillo family has been producing coffee in Huehuetenango, Guatemala for over 100 years. In the last several years, Augusto and his father have taken over the stewardship of that century-long legacy. Their farms, Colomba and Miracerros, are located on steep hillsides at over 5,000 feet of elevation. This altitude, along with Augusto’s skill and care in growing and processing, are creating some of the finest Guatemalan coffees Sweet Bloom has ever been privileged to share.

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We buy, roast, and sell coffee. On a surface level, this sounds simple enough. But buying coffee in a way we are proud of and in a way that those who buy our coffee are proud of is often complex, challenging, and hard work. We find ourselves on a continuum of buying and selling that progresses towards more sustainable, meaningful and equitable relationships. The chart below provides basic information for each lot on where we are on this journey.

Producer Macario Garcia

Relationships Matter

It’s not just a cup, it’s relationship. Meet the folks that grow the coffees you enjoy at Sweet Bloom.

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