We Are Committed to Freshness

coffee drying on a patio in Guatemala

Hitting the Sweet Spot

We are obsessed with making sure the coffee we buy, roast, and sell, is shared while it is incredibly fresh. We call that window of time the Sweet Spot. When green coffee gets old, underneath the beautiful flavors of fruits, flowers and chocolate, it starts to taste papery and dull when roasted. Nobody wants that!

That’s why we make sure all the coffee we receive is tasting great. We hold daily cuppings in our lab for every roast. In addition, we roast to order. That way everything we ship is no more than a day old, and when it arrives to you it’s at the peak of flavor.

Coffee is Seasonal

Coffee arrives fresh at the roastery from different parts of the world at different times of the year. That’s why you can’t always have your favorite fresh floral and citrusy coffee from Africa, or your chocolatey and fruit-filled coffees from Central and South America. We hope you can learn to love and appreciate them all, wherever they’re from!

Like all agricultural products, when coffee is harvested depends on the weather. It varies from year to year, and climate change is adding to the shifts and variations. Here is a general schedule by country of origin, for when the coffees we offer at Sweet Bloom are harvested and when they arrive in our roastery.

Sorting coffee cherries in Colombia


Main Crop: November through January
Fly Crop: May through July

Arrival at Sweet Bloom:
Coffee from Colombia arrives all year. The highest quality coffees reach Sweet Bloom February through May and August through November.

Lush landscape


Harvest: December through March

Arrival at Sweet Bloom: May through August

Coffee Depulper, Oaxaca MX


Harvest: December through March

Arrival at Sweet Bloom: June through July

Juan Pena processing coffee in Peru


Harvest: June through September

Arrival at Sweet Bloom: December through May

coffee drying beds el salvador

El Salvador

Harvest: January through March

Arrival at Sweet Bloom: May through July


Harvest: October through January

Arrival at Sweet Bloom: April through August

Coffee drying and sorting in Kenya


Main Crop: August through January
Fly Crop: May through July

Arrival at Sweet Bloom:
We only buy Main Crop coffees from Kenya. They arrive April through July

You Might Find A New Favorite

Love, but hold loosely your favorite single origin from Sweet Bloom. In the name of freshness and beauty, they don’t hang around very long. But, most likely they’ll be back again next year. In the meantime, discover other coffees and beautiful flavors from other parts of the world. You might even find a new favorite!