Huila, Colombia

brownie batter, nashi pear, brown sugar

washed process


  • Aromatics: brownies
  • Acidity: malic, citrus
  • Sweetness: brown sugar
  • Producer: small group
  • Altitude: 5249-6069 ft
  • Varieties: castillo, colombia, caturra

is back-ordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

We are building on our relationship with the Timanco growing group and are excited to once again offer Timana, named after one of the oldest settlements in Colombia. What we mean by "buiding on our relationship" is that we've contracted for both harvests this year (main and mitaca) and expect to continue these contracts for years to come. We also plan to work with single producers from this group.

Big sweetness and heavier body are typical of coffees from Huila, and Timana exemplifies these traits alongside a clean, crisp acidity. Really nice comfort coffee to settle you in to the cooler days of fall and winter.