Huila, Colombia

Nery Montilla Lot 2

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Round 2 from Nery Montilla!

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We taste

brown butter, peach, sugarcane this coffee.

We introduced you to Nery’s coffee earlier this year with a very small lot, but promised it wouldn’t be the last. Now, we are excited to offer another super sweet, and slightly larger lot from this incredible producer!

Nery’s story with coffee is nothing short of amazing and we are so grateful for the opportunity of sharing her special coffee with you. Nery was born into coffee with her father owning a farm in Nariño. But at the age of 20 she started her own journey by moving to Huila and becoming a coffee picker. Eventually she saved enough money to purchase her own farm and over the years has transformed her coffee from ready to blend quality (RTB/A) to a level that easily surpasses our quality threshold. You can read more about her amazing journey below.

Lot 2 has super sweet, brown sugar-like aromatics. Sweet aromatics lead to sweet cups of coffee and Nery’s coffee is high on the sugary notes. We are also tasting notes of browned butter and a lively peach acidity. Really lovely, balanced, exceptional coffee – you don’t want to miss out!

Huila, Colombia
brown butter, peach, sugarcane
washed process
brown sugar
malic and citric acidity
sugarcane sweetness
Nery Montilla

Recommended Preparation

1:17 Ratio
Coffee: 18g
H2O: 305g
TDS: 1.29%
Grind: 850µm
18g in
32-34g out
22-24s brew time

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Photo of Nery Nelcy Montilla

This is Nery

her story is inspiring

A little over a year ago, Miguel Vicuña, a member of Sweet Bloom’s green buying team, met Nery Nelcy Montilla when he was sourcing coffee in Colombia. From the beginning, he was impressed with her as a person and as a coffee producer. Her coffee is beautiful and the story of her life is inspiring.

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